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Thành viên BQT
Go to:
ACP > Content > BB Code media sites.

Then disable current YouTube BB code.

After that click here:

Fill the form:
Media site id: youtube_custom

Site title: YouTube

Site URL:
You do not have permission to view link Đăng nhập hoặc Đăng ký.

Match URLs:
Embed template:
<div class="bbMediaWrapper">
    <div class="bbMediaWrapper-inner">
        <iframe src="{$id}?wmode=opaque&start={$start}"
                width="800" height="600"
                frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="true"></iframe>
Then open Advanced options tab in the same form:

URL match callback: XF\BbCode\Helper\YouTube :: matchCallback

Embed HTML callback : XF\BbCode\Helper\YouTube :: htmlCallback

Hit Save and exit.

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