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Gallery - Gallery

Welcome to a fully featured free gallery addon.
With this gallery you will be able to upload images and videos from your computer and from some of the most used websites like, youtube, dailymotion, vimeo, facebook and metacafe.

Your users will be able to rate, like and watch the media that's uploaded.
They will also be able to watch categories and get alerts by email or the xenforo's alert system.

This add-on uses ffmpeg to convert video's to mp4 format but dont worry if you dont have...
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Thành viên BQT
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Bug Fix For Version 1.1.0

This fixes some errors that where happening in the last release.
These errors was on line 888 of the gallery.php file in the module folder,
and one in the index file where a missing id was giving an error.

There also has been a change to the layout to make it more responsive when viewing on a mobile phone or other device.
In the admincp gallery options have removed the frames from the images as this was one reason the images was not responsive.
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