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Free XF 2 Command Line Functions

Console Tool

command [options] [arguments]

 -h, --help Display this help message -q, --quiet Do not output any message -V, --version Display this application version --ansi Force ANSI output --no-ansi Disable ANSI output -n, --no-interaction Do not ask any interactive question -v|vv|vvv, --verbose Increase the verbosity of messages: 1 for normal output, 2 for more verbose output and 3 for debug
Available commands:
 help Displays help for a command list Lists commands
xf xf:addon-disable Disables the specified add-on. If no add-on ID is provided, all enabled add-ons will be disabled. xf:addon-enable Enable the specified add-on. If no add-on ID is provided, all disabled add-ons will be enabled. xf:addon-install Installs the specified add-on xf:addon-rebuild Rebuilds the specified add-on data. xf:addon-sub-action Runs a add-on sub-action in a separate process. Do not run directly! xf:addon-uninstall Uninstalls the specified add-on xf:addon-upgrade Upgrades the specified add-on xf:convert-utf8mb4 Converts XenForo tables to utf8mb4 xf:file-check Performs a file health check xf:import Executes an import configured via the control panel xf:install Installs XenForo xf:rebuild-master-data Rebuilds the core XF master data. xf:upgrade Upgrades XenForo
xf-addon xf-addon:build-release Performs an export of the current XML data and saves a ZIP file to _releases xf-addon:bump-version Bumps the version of the specified add-on xf-addon:create Creates an XF add-on and writes out the basic addon.json file. xf-addon:disable Disables the specified add-on. If no add-on ID is provided, all enabled add-ons will be disabled. xf-addon:enable Enable the specified add-on. If no add-on ID is provided, all disabled add-ons will be enabled. xf-addon:export Exports the XML files for an add-on xf-addon:install Installs the specified add-on xf-addon:install-step Runs a specific step from the specified add-on Setup class. xf-addon:rebuild Rebuilds the specified add-on data. xf-addon:sync-json Syncs the contents of the add-on JSON file to the database, updating the title, version and JSON hash as necessary xf-addon:uninstall Uninstalls the specified add-on xf-addon:uninstall-step Runs a specific step from the specified add-on Setup class. xf-addon:upgrade Upgrades the specified add-on xf-addon:upgrade-step Runs a specific step from the specified add-on Setup class. xf-addon:validate-json Validates the contents of the add-on JSON file to ensure all of the required values exist and are of the correct type.
xf-designer xf-designer:disable Disables designer mode on the specified style xf-designer:enable Enables designer mode on the specified style xf-designer:export Exports modified templates from the database to the file system for the specified designer mode. xf-designer:export-style-properties Exports style properties for the specified designer mode ID. xf-designer:export-templates Exports templates for the specified designer mode ID. xf-designer:import Imports designer files from the file system for the specified designer mode. xf-designer:import-style-properties Imports style properties from specified designer mode files xf-designer:import-templates Imports templates from specified designer mode files xf-designer:rebuild-metadata Rebuilds metadata hashes based on file system content xf-designer:revert-template Reverts the specified template. xf-designer:sync-templates Syncs the contents of the template files to the DB for the specified designer mode, applying version number updates xf-designer:touch-template Marks the specified template as modified in the specified style and exports it.
xf-dev xf-dev:class-lint Checks that all classes can be loaded without conflicts xf-dev:compare-schema Compares database schemas for consequential differences xf-dev:entity-class-properties Applies class properties to type hint columns, getters and relations xf-dev:export Exports all data to development files xf-dev:export-admin-navigation Exports Admin navigation to development files xf-dev:export-admin-permissions Exports Admin permissions to development files xf-dev:export-advertising-positions Exports advertising positions to development files xf-dev:export-bb-code-media-sites Exports bb code media sites to development files xf-dev:export-bb-codes Exports bb codes to development files xf-dev:export-class-extensions Exports class extensions to development files xf-dev:export-code-event-listeners Exports code event listeners to development files xf-dev:export-code-events Exports code events to development files xf-dev:export-content-types Exports content types to development files xf-dev:export-cron-entries Exports cron entries to development files xf-dev:export-help-pages Exports help pages to development files xf-dev:export-member-stats Exports member stats to development files xf-dev:export-navigation Exports Navigation to development files xf-dev:export-options Exports options to development files xf-dev:export-permissions Exports Permissions to development files xf-dev:export-phrases Exports phrases to development files xf-dev:export-routes Exports Routes to development files xf-dev:export-style-properties Exports style properties to development files xf-dev:export-template-modifications Exports template modifications to development files xf-dev:export-templates Exports templates to development files xf-dev:export-widget-definitions Exports widget definitions to development files xf-dev:export-widget-positions Exports widget positions to development files xf-dev:generate-entity-dw Generates an entity from a legacy DataWriter xf-dev:generate-phpstorm-meta Generates a .phpstorm.meta.php file for dynamic return type hinting xf-dev:generate-schema-entity Generates schema code from an entity xf-dev:import Imports all data from development files xf-dev:import-admin-navigation Imports admin navigation from development files xf-dev:import-admin-permissions Imports admin permissions from development files xf-dev:import-advertising-positions Imports advertising positions from development files xf-dev:import-bb-code-media-sites Imports bb code media sites from development files xf-dev:import-bb-codes Imports bb codes from development files xf-dev:import-class-extensions Imports class extensions from development files xf-dev:import-code-event-listeners Imports code event listeners from development files xf-dev:import-code-events Imports code events from development files xf-dev:import-content-types Imports content types from development files xf-dev:import-cron-entries Imports cron entries from development files xf-dev:import-help-pages Imports help pages from development files xf-dev:import-member-stats Imports member stats from development files xf-dev:import-navigation Imports navigation from development files xf-dev:import-options Imports options from development files xf-dev:import-permissions Imports permissions from development files xf-dev:import-phrases Imports phrases from development files xf-dev:import-routes Imports routes from development files xf-dev:import-style-properties Imports style properties from development files xf-dev:import-template-modifications Imports template modifications from development files xf-dev:import-templates Imports templates from development files xf-dev:import-widget-definitions Imports widget definitions from development files xf-dev:import-widget-positions Imports widget positions from development files xf-dev:metadata-clean Cleans up the metadata JSON files and removes missing entries xf-dev:rebuild-caches Rebuilds various caches xf-dev:rebuild-metadata Rebuilds metadata hashes based on file system content xf-dev:recompile Recompiles all template/phrase data xf-dev:recompile-phrases Recompiles phrases xf-dev:recompile-style-properties Recompiles style properties xf-dev:recompile-templates Recompiles parsed templates xf-dev:sync-templates Syncs the contents of the template files to the DB, applying version number updates xf-dev:touch-template Updates the version number of the specified template xf-dev:update-version Updates the XF version to the same version as in the XF files. xf-dev:upgrade-step Runs a specific upgrade step from a specified upgrade class.
xf-rebuild xf-rebuild:forums Rebuilds forum counters. xf-rebuild:search Rebuilds the search index. xf-rebuild:threads Rebuilds thread counters. xf-rebuild:users Rebuilds user counters and caches.
 list [options] [--] [<namespace>]
 namespace The namespace name
 --xml To output list as XML --raw To output raw command list --format=FORMAT The output format (txt, xml, json, or md) [default: "txt"]
The list command lists all commands:
php cmd.php list

You can also display the commands for a specific namespace:
php cmd.php list test

You can also output the information in other formats by using the --format option:
php cmd.php list --format=xml

It's also possible to get raw list of commands (useful for embedding command runner):
php cmd.php list --raw
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